This Cat Spies A Butterfly In The Garden. What He Does? Priceless!

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

Adorable ragdoll cat Timo is back, and while he’s usually lounging in his hammock or snuggling with his favorite stuffed animals, he’s taken on some new adventures this week.

In the video, Timo spies a butterfly in the garden. As he tries to sneak up on it, he isn’t exactly sure what to do. He’s just so curious and tries to investigate the new animal circling around in backyard.

This butterfly is acting a little odd compared to the ones he’s chased before — it’s actually a solar-powered butterfly that Timo’s owner had installed in their backyard. But that doesn’t stop the curious cat from trying to play. He bats his tiny paws at the butterfly and chases it around. It’s just too cute for words!

Cats are wired to chase anything that moves or flies, which is why Timo is loving playtime and is highly entertained by the solar butterfly. He is just following his instincts and honing those hunting skills. Couldn’t you just watch Timo for hours? I just can’t get enough!

There’s no clear winner in the cat-versus-butterfly battle. Perhaps it’s us, the amused humans, who are the true winners. That’s probably why cats are the internet’s favorite animal.

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